Based in Moscow, Russia
Operate 150 escape rooms
Team size: 100
Have 150 clients in 12 countries
Finished first project in December 21, 2013

Claustrophobia now is the biggest international network of escape rooms. Our escape rooms: • have unique scripts that never duplicate; • have highest level of technical equipment; • include difficult and exciting riddles; • realistic scenery and special effects.

Services provided


We are the worldwide leading company in this kind of entertainment. Russian Forbes recognised The Claustrophobia as the most profitable franchise in Russia. We create the best escape rooms. There are more than 100 rooms in Russia and there is no duplicate secret in them.


We have more than 20 already done scenarios, or can provide consultations and help on any step, if you want build your own, unique scenario.


Our team will help you and provide any information and consultation about scenarious, quest-room building and preparing, training of your employees, marketing etc.

Booking systems

All partners are connected to our unique booking system. We can localize quest-room landing page on any langauge.