Escape Room Doctor

Based in Moscow, Russia
Operate 11 escape rooms
Team size: 27
Have 80 clients in 12 countries
Finished first project in 2014

Escape Room Doctor is a trans-world company serving the needs of escape rooms all over the world. Our offices are based in USA, France, Italy and Russia. We own a production facility in Russia and in USA. We have implemented more than 100 complex projects and much more easy ones. We can design and build escape room from scratch, produce and deliver one from our catalogue or help you with certain issues on the hard way of building immersive escape game. If you are looking for reliable partner in escape room business you are on the right page. Don't hesitate to contact us via email [email protected]

Services provided


We have several local Brands operating in different countries. Buying our franchise in particular region you will get a local brand and all the power of our international company. Please keep in mind, that we also provide services for escape rooms without franchise fees. If you are interested in franchise you can contact us via email [email protected]


In our opinion designing escape room is the most hardest task. Each escape room design is an artwork which could be completed only with the team of professionals in different areas. Our design packages include everything needed to start setting up your new escape room. And we promise it would be unique and immersive with all the puzzles fit to the plot and theme! More details on this page


Working with us is not just about order something and get it with good quality and good service! We love our clients and want their local business to be at the top level in their region! So we provide a consulting service in any area regarding escape room business. We operate our own escape rooms in differnet countries and are not only about producing gadgets props or writing scenarios. We know a lot about escape room business and definitely will consult you in any area of it! Read more about our services at this page

Prop shops

For now at the time of writing this description we don't have classical prop shop, where you can choose prop or gadget and buy it. But we can produce props and puzzles of any complexity according to your needs. Just give us a description of what you need and we'll do it for you! More information about custom gadgets from us you can find here