Escape Room For Sale

Based in Belgrade, Serbia
Operate 7 escape rooms
Team size: 5
Have 4 clients in 5 countries
Finished first project in 2015

We are selling scenarios for Escape Room games that already proved quality and earned excellent reviews in 5 different countries (Spain, Cyprus, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia) and counting. We will basically provide you with full tutorial how to make an Escape Room, and we will be your full-time support by sharing all the advises and knowledge we learned while managing our own Escape Room business. You can check more information on our website, and feel free to contact me if you have any question! :)

Services provided


If you decide to not just buy scenarios and plans for our Escape Rooms, but to become part of our Franchise, we will do our best to provide you with good and flexible deal that you will be satisfied with.


If you choose us as your partners this is just the list of the things that we provide for you: - Full list of items that you need to buy for creating an escape room with the theme that you choose, with links for some of the items and help with alternatives if you can’t find some of them. - Detailed walk-through of the game, video tutorial of every single game in the room (what items are used for the every single game, how does the game work, etc) -Our help (if you find it necessary) during room setup -Training of you and your employees on how to be great Game Masters of the escape room, where to pay attention, etc. -Providing you with some marketing techniques and using all our marketing tools and material that helped us get new customers - All-time support about escape room during your work - Consulting you how to provide best possible experience for the players


We are group of people who LOVE to play and create escape rooms around the world. Just like you, we started by playing escape rooms, and after a few games we got addicted to this great fun. After a couple of weeks we asked ourselves why don’t we try to do this for a living and become escape room owners. And that’s exactly what we did! Since we opened our first Escape Room, we learned a lot about running the escape rooms and improving the quality of the game and the service in general. We are looking forward to share all our knowledge with you.