Based in Moscow, Russia
Operate 20 escape rooms
Team size: 50
Have 45 clients in 4 countries
Finished first project in 3

Ready to open your very own Escape Room? You’re in the right place. From A to Z, we have your Quest. Let us help you create a unique, compelling experience to attract and delight Escape Room fans. Writing new Scenarios and updating current ones Expert Project and Construction Work Sound, Camera, Engineering Installation Props and Design Engineering Solutions of any complexity Personnel Training; Turn-key Ready Quests; Writing Quest Control Programs; Quest Servicing.

Services provided


Company turns a difficult project development into an easily marketable, realistic, feasible task: Engineering is probably the most time-consuming stage, which can hardly be done without the help of the professionals. We brilliantly solve technical problems of various degrees of complexity offering unique solutions. Scenario. Quest with boring scenario won't shoot. But we already have a solution for your room and your budget. Don’t have a lot of money? We will see how to simplify it. Atmosphere. We will recommend how to save money on construction and avoid mistakes. Programmers will add magic to the puzzles, designers will tackle décor, and an audio producer will add fabulous effects. Marketing. Quest cannot be found without an advertisement! It takes time and costs a lot of money to find highly efficient and multiply tested advertising channels. Our marketing experts will develop an advertisement campaign for you!


Escape4sale can review your existing hardware & software, as well as give advice for new builds. We’re also able to assist with programming in most modern embedded language

Prop shops

We produce not only scenarios and ready to install escape rooms, but also separate props and electrical devices on demand. We can fit into the budget of a separate project, also can build the room in a shorter period of time, if requested.