Extreme Fear Design & Production

Based in Pittsburgh, United States
Operate 2 escape rooms
Team size: 20
Have 4 clients in 2 countries
Finished first project in 2014

We design and create fully immersive escape rooms. Extreme Fear Design and Production has built the first ever haunted house in Dubai and runs one of the best known haunted houses in Pittsburgh, Hundred Acres Manor. Extreme fear can create sets, props and puzzles for any themed escape room experience.

Services provided


We can design any escape room style or theme. From elaborate horror themes to classic banks. Our sets are full detailed and immersive to leave your customers not only talking about the experience, but how cool it was. It's the best way to stand out against your competitors.


With working internationally we have experience building and shipping materials for haunted houses and escape rooms. We have a team of dedicated puzzle makers and set designs that will consult and plan the perfect escape room for you and your market.

Prop shops

We can create static and interactive props for your escape rooms. From floor triggers that turn off every light and black light appears to complex wire systems that must be placed in the right order to unlock a key. Our team can reproduce or create any unique puzzle or prop you need.