Legendary Quest

Based in Ukrainka, Ukraine
Operate 14 escape rooms
Team size: 25
Have 50000 clients in 1 country
Finished first project in 2014

We have started our work in the field of quests since 2014. In 2015, we opened five quest rooms with various themes and styles of the quests. At the beginning of 2016, we have opened the quest room "Psychosis. Season 1", we have planned four more rooms for this year. We will open "Casino", and "The Double Agent" until the end of August. During our work we have assembled a group of professionals, writers, technicians and programmers. We make our quests as realistic, as possible, our writers are fully delved into the topic of the quest. Thanks to the joint efforts, our quests help players to immerse themselves into the atmosphere of the room.

Services provided


Our team can provide design Professional Projects on your topic quest. Projects are created in ArchiCAD and Artlantis (photorealistic visualization) And also you will get a complete description of the materials and technology works on decorating


Our consulting services: - Selection of room - Recruitment - Market analysis - Reminders for operators - Selection of materials - Support during construction With our help, you will save time and money and will be able to build the quest even if you have not done this before. We supervise the construction of our quests all over the world.

Prop shops

Our experts can make: - The scenario for the quest - Technical task - Scheme - Quest Props - Electronics for quest - Audio EFFECTS - Computer programs - Quest Automation System - System of hints in the quest - Graphics for quest