PIN Escape Rooms

Based in Belgrade, Serbia
Operate 2 escape rooms
Team size: 5
Have 1 client in 1 country
Finished first project in 2015

We started like you, being curious about escape room concept, and after we tried our first game, we become hooked, and never stopped looking for other available rooms to play. Our next step was to create escape room “Dracula’s chambers”, and we put so much effort to make it unique and great, so players experience something new and better than anything before. Our escape room made great results, players loved it, and one team from Croatia decided to buy "how to plan" from us and they opened "Dracula's Chambers" in Zagreb. They are very satisfied with the Escape room, and we are very happy because of that. We continued to do what we love, so we created our second escape room called "Murder at the Masonic Lodge" which we want to be something really different than anything, we want it to be level up and something much more than regular escape room experience.

Services provided


We offer you designs and scenarios for our two escape rooms "Dracula's Chambers" and "Murder at the Masonic lodge". This rooms have great results already, but if you prefer us to create some other theme for you, we are looking forward to talk with you about that. Game design consists: Complete list of necessary furniture and objects that you will need. Detailed text and video walk-through about everything that you will need to know about the escape room and the games. We will send you all printable materials and audio tracks. Pretty much, you will get everything from us, that you need in order to create the room and to be able to take care of it on your own.


We have a lot of players and games behind us, and know a lot about what challenges will you face. We are looking forward to give you advice and solutions that helped us trough our work.

Booking systems

Our webmaster can provide a booking system that we use on your website. At least 50% of our reservations are made online, so you should definitely have one.