Sound Design

Based in Durban, South Africa
Do not operate own escape rooms
Team size: 2
Have 23 clients in 4 countries
Finished first project in 2017

When it comes to building a new escape room, you will probably spend plenty of time developing puzzles and designing the room’s theme. At the same time, few people spend a lot of time thinking about escape room music and sound design. This is a pity because your real life escape game can be a much more intense experience for the players with the right choice of music and sound effects. Music and sound address your players’ aural sense, which is considered by some to be the most important sense for receiving emotions. Make your escape room unique. Add a touch of audio magic - [email protected]

Services provided


Let us bring your Escape room to life by adding a touch of audio magic to your reality. Sound is 50% of the experience after all. For affordable sound solutions, email us at [email protected]